Planning is the first and most important step in the process of creating a dream space.
In order to provide an estimate, the client will be asked to send over floor plans or photos of the space for review and assessment. Inspiration photos are also recommended and will help give a better idea of the style and taste of the client.
Case by Case Cabinets' team will help plan the layout and choose the design that suits the clients needs and personality, taking in consideration any space limitations or requests.


Once there is a clear idea of the design and general measurements of the space and unit,  an estimate will be sent for approval.
The exact and final pricing will be determined once the materials have been chosen.  


Moving forward, a second meeting will take place in order to discuss details and choices. The client will sign an agreement/purchase order contract with the details of the project and its final price.
During the construction, if any changes have accrued that increased the final price, a Change Of Order document with the updated price will be sent for review and signature.
All decisions are made with the clients and with full transparency.
No changes or charges will be made without the final approval of the client.


At this point, Rani will meet the client on site to discuss material options, color choices, go over samples and go over the final design layout.
Exact measurements of the space will also be taken at this time.
This is an opportunity for the client to be creative and an integral part of the designing process.
The team will guide the client through, step by step, and provide a complete design for review.


Using the highest quality of materials, Case by Case Cabinets' work shop will bring the design to life. A color sample of choice will be sent to the client prior to the painting stage so they can be 100% positive of their choice.
This is the time to sit back and relax, while the construction of the project takes place.
Clients are more than welcome to pay a visit in the shop and observe the construction process.


This is the final and most exciting stage!
Prior to the install, Natanella will contact the client to set the install date while accommodating the clients schedule. Installation time varies and depends on the space configuration and size of the units.
Case by case Cabinets takes pride in the clients experience, therefore, adjustments will take place as needed to provide an ideal end result.

Satisfaction means achievement. Case by Case Clients are always welcome to contact the team, during the process of designing, assembly of the project, and after the project is done and installed.

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